For bears, ‘it’s 20/20 time’

At the Bear Working Group Forum on Wednesday, participants decided an important step in decreasing bear deaths is changing how we talk about human-bear contacts, pointing to the way Southern Ute...

DATE: Sept. 1, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Save the bears and trade in your bird feeder

Bears are fond of bird feeders, and bird feeders can create nuisance bears. Sometimes, nuisance bears end up dead. That’s the line of thinking that led to a new program cooked up by Bear Smart...

DATE: April 24, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bear possibly rummaging around in Pagosa Springs

A recent photo suggests a bear waddled onto a Pagosa Springs resident’s property and pillaged its trash can. Bryan Peterson, of Bear Smart Durango, said he saw the photograph on Facebook. “It...

DATE: March 25, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bear smashes car window for some trail mix

A bear broke out a car window in south Durango early Tuesday morning, absconding with 2 quart bags of trail mix that had been left in the front seat. The window may have been left down a few...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2014 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bear-raid defense gains armor

A grant to Bear Smart Durango has been invested in bear-resistant garbage cans that will rotate among Durango West I residents who need a can until they can get their own. Bryan Peterson, who...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2014 | CATEGORY: Local News

Smarter than your average bear

DATE: May 13, 2014 | CATEGORY: Local News

Think you know bears? Workshop dispels myths

A group of about 15 adults and children met at the Durango Nature Center on Saturday to participate in a “Living with Bears” workshop presented by Rob Else, program coordinator for DNC. In...

DATE: Sept. 14, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Electric fencing will keep bears out of the coop

One of my favorite takeaways from a bear conference last year in Missoula, Mont., was a photo with this caption: “Don’t let your chickens kill a bear!” The picture was part of a presentation about...

DATE: June 19, 2013 | COLUMN: Bear Smart

Bears take heed: No pic-a-nic baskets for you

The first of 900 bear-proof trash cans were distributed in Durango last week.“The neighborhoods to receive the cans were selected because they’re the most vulnerable,” Mary Beth Miles, the city’s...

DATE: March 23, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Black bears are on move again in Durango

The first black bear out of the den this spring – at least the first one sighted – got into a garbage can overnight Wednesday on Fiesta Circle north of 32nd Street near the river.It’s an early...

DATE: March 20, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bears binge before hibernating

As black bears begin their search for the 20,000 calories a day they need to see them through the winter, they may be seen more frequently than usual in urban areas.A few preventive measures will...

DATE: Aug. 28, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Hungry bears run deadly risk in Durango area

In years when their natural foods are scarce, bears must search farther afield, which can bring them into contact with humans – often with disastrous results.Take Monday for example, said Patt...

DATE: Aug. 13, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

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