New '09 laws cover DUIs, car insurance


New '09 laws cover DUIs, car insurance

Auto insurers must offer at least $5,000 in medical coverage
Other new laws

Wells: When closing on a house, buyers of rural homes with small or "exempt" water wells have to notify the Division of Water Resources that the well has changed ownership.

Advanced-practice nurses: These nurses are allowed to sign several medical forms that used to require a doctor’s signature. Rep. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, sponsored the bill. A separate bill requires insurance companies to give a fair look at advanced-practice nurses who apply to be part of the insurance company’s network.

Shelter animals: Dogs and cats adopted from shelters have to be spayed or neutered, unless it would jeopardize the animal’s health.

Health-insurance disclosure: The state will maintain a consumer guide on the Internet that shows the financial information of insurance companies doing business in Colorado.

Abandoned cars: Repair shops have a legal procedure to sell vehicles abandoned at the shop.


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